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American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) is proud to support our members, show management, secretaries and affiliate organizations in their efforts to compete, enjoy and foster the showing of American Saddlebred horses. The information on this page is a resource to ASHBA members and the horse show community for ASHBA recognized shows, ASHBA Star Shows, ASHBA National Select Series presented by State Line Tack, award programs, World’s Championship Horse Show qualifying and more.  

All competitions must be recorded with the ASHBA in order for exhibitors to earn qualifying for the World's Championship Horse Show and ASHBA Point Awards programs. The ASHBA Horse Show Application and Prize List must be received by the ASHBA at least one month prior to your show’s dates (the earlier the better). If results are to be counted for WCHS qualifying, exceptions must be approved by WCHS management. Qualifying period runs from July 1 - June 30.

Owners, riders, drivers, handlers and trainers of American Saddlebred and Half Saddlebred horses showing at USEF licensed competitions, must be an ASHBA competing member. Open horse shows recorded with ASHBA, must be an ASHBA competing member to be eligible for ASHBA Award Programs.  

For the ASHBA High Point program, the horse owners and riders/drivers/handlers must be current ASHBA members in good standing. If a horse has multiple owners, at least one owner must be a member. 

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Results MUST be submitted to the ASHBA within ten (10) days of the last day of the competition in order for the exhibitors to qualify for the World’s Championship Horse Show.

ASHBA National Select Series presented by State Line Tack 

This program has been developed through years of hard work and thoughtfulness from ASHA’s Middle Market, Horse Show Task Force, and the new Saddlebreds Across America committees. The American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) National Select Series presented by State Line Tack’s will continue the mission to encourage more people to show American Saddlebreds, Hackney Ponies, and Roadsters to strengthen the show horse market by providing classes where horses of the same relative level can compete against one another. 

The ASHBA has worked with the Saddlebreds Across America Committee to tailor the program to a better product for ASHBA members and bring more opportunities and value to the experience of showing at our breed shows. Some of the most prominent changes are an updated class list, a full slate of American Saddlebred classes for Amateur/Junior Exhibitors, strengthened regions, qualification requirements for ASHBA National Select Series Regional Championships, and added classes and divisions.

The ASHBA is proud to welcome the American Hackney Horse Society and American Road Horse and Pony Association to our National Select Series program. Three additional classes have been added to the program for these horses, ponies, and exhibitors. Our industry is stronger together and we are thrilled that the ASHBA National Select Series can be a part of securing a better future for the sport we all love.

Learn more at the ASHBA National Select Series homepage. 

Competition Information & Class Specifications

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ASHBA Youth Programs

ASHBA Horse Shows Awards

ASHBA AOT Award Program is to recognize the achievements of AOTs exhibiting horses registered with the ASHBA Registry competing in all disciplines at all levels.

ASHBA High Point Award Program recognizes competition achievements by registered American Saddlebreds and Half-Saddlebreds in a wide range of categories and disciplines, at all levels, not only in the “traditional” Saddlebred show ring, but also in open breed competition (such as open English pleasure, etc.) and sport horse disciplines