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From the elite competitor to the backyard companion the horse for you is the American Saddlebred. 

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Select Series

ASHBA Announces National Select Series National Championship and Other Changes for 2023

ASHBA is pleased to announce exciting new changes to the National Select Series, presented by State Line Tack, including the addition of a National Championship for 2023. The National Select Series National Championship will take place at the All American Horse Classic in Indianapolis, Sept. 12-16, 2023. 


Start Your Saddlebred Story Today!

Discover the Horse America Made

Proud. Beautiful. Versatile. Athletic.

From the elite competitor to the backyard companion the horse for you is the American Saddlebred. 

Discover your joy and start your Saddlebred Story today. 

Learn more about the magnificent American Saddlebred.

Find an American Saddlebred barn in your area.



ASHBA Receives Platinum Seal of Transparency from Candid

ASHBA has earned the Platinum Seal of Transparency from Candid, an organization that reviews nonprofits’ performance against its mission, and how it handles donations.

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What does ASHA do?

The American Saddlebred Horse Association, located at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, supports all of the activities that make Saddlebred ownership pleasurable and exciting, while working to stimulate and promote interest in the breed.

The mission of the American Saddlebred Horse Association is to promote, improve and protect the grace, intelligence and versatility of the American Saddlebred, and to provide programs and services supporting our members, while fostering public awareness of the breed.

What does ASR do?

The American Saddlebred Registry, located at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, registers American Saddlebreds and documents transfers of ownership. Pedigree information is available to owners and breeders and the microfilm archives hold over 80 years of Saddlebred history and records.

The mission of the Saddlebred Registry is to guarantee the purity of the breed through the establishment, maintenance and publication of an accurate register for the recording of pedigrees and transfers of ownership of the American Saddlebred Horse. The Registry shall, in addition, administer the recognition and prize programs associated with the breed.

The American Saddlebred Registry hosts a number of recognition programs to honor outstanding American Saddlebreds. The Saddlebred Record allows horses competing in USEF licensed horse shows to accumulate and earn the right to have “CH” (Champion) or “CH-EQ” (Equitation Champion) become part of their registered name. Saddlebred Select honors the achievements of American Saddlebred horses in recognized competitive events through a point system. Sport Horse Year End Awards recognize the achievements of American Saddlebreds in Sport Horse disciplines through a high point year-end program.

Prize programs are also managed by the American Saddlebred Registry, which reward breeders, trainers and exhibitors more than $1 million each year. The Kentucky and National Futurities, Sweepstakes, and Sport Horse Incentive Program all offer substantial cash prizes as incentives for breeding and showing quality American Saddlebred horses.

The Broodmare Hall of Fame is another recognition program conducted by the American Saddlebred Registry. A complete list of Hall of Fame Broodmares and standards included are available.

What can I do on this website?

ASHA’s website provides you access to American Saddlebred News, committee and personnel listings, membership renewal or sign-ups, and much more.

Members and non-members have access to information about the American Saddlebred online, including unlimited viewing and downloading of the American Saddlebred magazine. The American Saddlebred magazine is the official publication of the American Saddlebred Horse Association and feature the horses and people making news today, along with veterinary and legal commentary, history and other information about Saddlebreds. The magazine’s annual supplement, Journal of the American Saddlebred/Saddlebred Reference Directory, the statistical “Bible” of the breed, is available for members only.

Access is also available to a variety of programs paying tribute to the accomplishment and versatility of the American Saddlebred horse such as Prize Programs, Youth Programs and Charter Clubs.

Members have access to the breed’s comprehensive database to look up the background information you need to make informed decisions about show horses and breeding stock including ownership history, pedigree, show records, get of sire and produce of dam listings. Members have access to stables and services listings. Also, members have their own profile page which can be edited and managed to include contact information, bios, horses and media content.


Where can I find horse related searches?

There are several ways you can access the horse search tool on our website. From the Top Navigation Bar, the popular Horse Search is located under MEMBERS (My Membership), REGISTRY (Horse Searches), and SEARCH. Also if you are navigation in the REGISTRY or SEARCH pages, you can locate the Horse Search on the side navigation menu.

Other horse related tools we offer on our website include:

Horse Reports (located under the REGISTRY tab of the Top Navigation Bar): 

  • Pedigree Search
  • Progeny Search
  • Hypothetical Mating
  • Gelding Report
  • Deceased Horses
  • Formatted Stallion Pages

Horse Searches (located under the REGISTRY tab of the Top Navigation Bar):

  • Horse Search
  • Search Pending Transfers
  • Search Pending Registrations
  • Name Changes Search
  • Show Results


How do I hide the banner ad?

Click on "Minimize Banner" link to hide the banner. This button is located on the top left corner of the banner ads, which is located under the Top Navigation Bar. If you want to display it again, click on "Maximize Banner".

Online Glossary and Terms

Glossary and Terms frequently used on our website is available to download (PDF format).


What can I do with the ‘My Membership’ area?

My Horses

In this section, horses will be listed that are owned by your user number, or by an organization if you are listed under the signature authority group.

Who can see my profile information?

Only current ASHA members can access profile information but you have the option to “hide” your personal contact information and horse ownership information. If you hide your contact information, only your first and last name will show up in the member search. Similarly, if you hide your horse ownership information you will not show up as the owner of the horse in the pedigree search.

How do I hide my information?

  • My Profile Page: Check the option to hide your info.
  • My Horses:  Check the option to hide your info.

Can I print a copy of my membership card?

Yes, you can access your temporary card from your "My Profile" page. Click on Temporary Card to print a copy.

How do I renew my membership?

  • You may sign in with your account and follow the renewal link that will be displayed on your "My Profile" page or any restricted area on our website.
  • You may print out a membership application.
  • You may also contact our office at (859) 259-2742 and renew over the phone.

What is my password?

  • You may email the Webmaster (webmaster@asha.net) to request to reset your password if you have lost it.
  • You may use our "Forgot Password?" link to reset it. The link is located in the SIGN-IN box, located at the top right corner on our website. The form will ask you to enter your username or member ID (ASHA#). You need to have an active email address on file to receive the instructions.


Do only competitions licensed by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) count?

All Saddlebreds competing in any competition listed in ASHA's database, regardless of whether the show is a USEF-licensed competition, will be eligible for point allocations for Pleasure and Park qualifications.

In order for all competitions (USEF, USEF Lite and ASHA Star) to be listed on the ASHA’s database, a representative of that competition must complete a horse show application and send to the ASHA as to the dates, location, and contact person of the competition at least one month before the competition is to be held. The secretary or the manager of said competition is responsible for sending in the results to the ASHA within ten (10) days after the competition and by the closing date of the qualifying period. Results will not be accepted (regardless of the postmark or meter date) by the ASHA that are received in the office after the closing date of the qualifying period.

Any competition that has not previously been listed on the ASHA’s database must record with the ASHA at least 30 days prior to the competition dates in order to be a qualifying competition for the World’s Championship Horse Show.

Will Kentucky State Fair only accept entries from horses with the most points?

The priority requirement for all horses is to have shown in a minimum of six (6) classes at three (3) or more different competitions.  Points do not come into play except to differentiate among horses that have competed in this minimum number of competitions, in the event any section is over-filled when entries are received.

How will I know whether or not I should enter, if my point totals seem lower than others who have also shown in at least 6 classes at 3 or more competitions?  What if the rankings indicate that there are many horses with more points than I have?

Anyone interested in competing at the Kentucky State Fair must enter, by the closing date of entries, to be considered!  Remember, not everyone who has accumulated more points will enter. If you wish to compete at the Kentucky State Fair, enter by the closing date, NO MATTER WHAT.

How are points totals tabulated for Pleasure?

As the rankings are posted, Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult, Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Juvenile, and Show Pleasure Driving classes will be combined under Three-Gaited Show Pleasure, as well as Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Adult, Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Juvenile, and Country Pleasure Driving classes under Three-Gaited Country Pleasure.

Why is this done?

If a horse competes in the Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult section to qualify for KSF, the horse can be entered and shown at the World's Championship Horse Show in ONE of the following three sections: Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Juvenile OR Show Pleasure Driving OR Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult.